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L´entrée, La chambre des couleurs
L´entrée dans la chambre des couleurs
"La chambre des couleurs":

Started 2004 and is still in progress."La Chambre des Couleurs" which means "the room of colors" stands as a synonym for the life itself.
Ana de Medeiros started this series with the painting "Entrée dans la chambre des couleurs" (entrance to the room of colors), a painting the artist meant to symbolize both an access to life but also an exit.
Right after entering the room of colors - though slowly - a process starts, like a game full of naivity, on search, without experience, characterized by minimalistic painting in basic colors on a rough and sandy canvas which again reminds of the artists country.

2004-2005: La chambre des couleurs - Premieres Impressions.
2005 / 2007: La chambre des couleurs - Premiers Pas.
2006...: La chambre des couleurs - La salle orange.
2008: La chambre des couleurs - Intermezzo
2012: La chambre des couleurs - Obsolete

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La chambre des couleurs, 2004
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